Applying to the Seattle Journal for Social Justice

The Seattle Journal for Social Justice is published three times a year. A peer-reviewed, student-edited, interdisciplinary journal, the SJSJ publishes writings that reflect theoretical, literary, and hands-on approaches toward achieving social justice. The SJSJ features traditional academic articles as well as nontraditional formats such as narrative, commentary, interview, essay, and artwork.

2L staffers write a 30-page article, of publishable quality on a topic of his/her choice and related to social justice. Students may submit their articles for publication; 3-4 student articles are normally published in each issue. 2L staffers also edit articles to be published – either from authors in the legal community or from student authors. Editing teams complete substantive and technical edits as well as check sources and citations. 2L staffers typically receive 3 credits for the academic year.

Joining the journal is a two-year commitment that provides a valuable educational experience. Journal participation improves both academic and professional development.


Application Process

This year, all four journals will offer a common write-on application. The application will include a cover letter, a resume, a two-part analytical writing sample, and a short editing passage. The two-part writing sample asks the applicant to consider a constitutional law issue, read and analyze materials about that issue, and then draft a two page amicus brief on behalf of one of three policy organizations along with an eight page majority Supreme Court opinion resolving the issue.

In addition to the common application, select SJSJ applicants will be invited to interview in July, and shortly before the school year begins, offers will be extended.


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