The American Indian Law Journal (AILJ) is an academic collaboration among students, faculty, and practitioners. AILJ is designed to fill a critical gap in the amount of current scholarship available to those interested in the rapidly developing field of Indian law. AILJ employs an innovative online format and was granted provisional status in 2011. Indian law concerns a wide range of legal issues, including tax, property, contracts, gaming, and environmental law.

In addition to providing students with a practical and marketable skill set, AILJ exemplifies the School of Law's commitment to social justice. American Indians have been marginalized and persecuted throughout our country's history, and unfortunately, these themes of prejudice and injustice persist today. Indian law implicates myriad social justice concerns, including civil rights violations, protection of cultural resources, religious freedom, the loss of land and natural resources, and the regulation of environmental quality. Despite these numerous issues, there are only two dedicated Indian law journals in North America. AILJ provides students with a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with some of the most distinguished Indian law practitioners and faculty members in the country.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2 (2017)


Editorial Board 2016-2017

Brenda L. George
Managing Editor
Prinka Bedi
Development Editor
Nicholas Fillhart
Executive Editor
Alexander Glyman
Technical Editor
Jeanna McLellan
Articles Editors
Danielle Bargala
Kaelen Brodie
Cassandra Ingram
2L Staff Editors
Lois Boome
Tracey Cook-Lee
Derek "Red Arrow" Frank
Chanel J. Krueger
Britany Lindley
Ryan Lynch
Jeanna McLellan
Connor Smith
Joseph Voss

Faculty Advisors

Catherine A. O'Neill

Gregory M. Silverman

Kelly Kunsch

External Advisors

Bree Black Horse

Eric D. Eberhard