Volume 36, Issue 2 (2013) Berle IV: The Future of Financial And Securities Markets The Fourth Annual Symposium of The Adolf A. Berle, Jr. Center on Corporations, Law & Society

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Seattle University Law Review

Symposium Articles


Central Bank-Led Capitalism?
Andrew Bowman et al.


Shareholders and Social Welfare
William W. Bratton and Michael L. Wachter


Limits of Disclosure
Steven M. Davidoff and Claire A. Hill



Editor in Chief

Daniel K. Lee

Managing Editor

Rachel Dunnington

Executive Editors

Ryan W. Dumm (Lead Articles)
Laura Turczanski (Notes & Comments)
Lindsay Erickson (Editor at Large)

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Kirk Mahjoubian

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Lindsey E. Mundt

Co-Symposium Chair

Shannon Rieke

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Erik Connell

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Sarah Albertson Kiran H. Griffith
David Konkel Robert E. Miller

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Miles (Mac) Dudley Charles E. McElearney
Michael Oates Nathan Rouse
Dominique Scalia Carl D. Schremp
Elliot Watson

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Valerie Balch Ryan C. Castle
Aubrie Hicks

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Jason Kelley William Witherspoon

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Andre Dayani Dylan LeValley
H. Lee Lewis Brett MacIntyre
Rachel Paxton-Gillian Bobby Percin


Jeff Allen David Berger
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Anthony Yerry Hannah Zomick

Faculty Advisors

Charles R. T. O'Kelley Kelly Kunsch
J. Christopher Rideout