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Law Clerks Gone Wild


This Article grows out of my delight in seeing fellow law clerks break through the paper curtain and onto the pages of the Federal Reporter, the Federal Supplement, or some other compendium of judicial opinions. While my fascination with law clerks as the subjects rather than the instruments of judicial writing is probably not universal, I have selected the opinions I discuss in this Article with an eye toward entertaining—and maybe even instructing, if only slightly—the clerkigentsia and the judiciary. So, with that audience in mind, I set off in search of law clerks who had gone wild enough to be written about, understanding, of course, that what I was searching for was a special kind of wildness—not the kind that sells suspense novels (or videotapes advertised on late-night television), but nonetheless, a kind of wildness that is likely to resonate with anyone who has ever been a law clerk or seen one in action.