Nathalie Martin


Students are often surprised by how much they enjoy commercial law. Anyone who finds either money or power interesting is likely to see the potential for fun in a class where these issues are discussed. In a capitalist society, "Money Law" reflects virtually all of our societal values in one way or another, reflects the culture of capitalism at work, and is "Law and Society" in the broadest sense. While most people find it hard to get excited about secured transactions, this sentiment is not likely to last long if the teacher uses Secured Credit: A Systems Approach. Part I of this book review discusses and summarizes two prior reviews of this book. Part II discusses how the book successfully provides context and relevance to its highly technical subject matter, through the use of pop culture, helpful ordering of the materials, and realistic problem sets. Part III describes some of the many ways this book can be used to provide flexibility in the classroom, from teaching different learning styles to creating additional components to the course grade. Part IV concludes that any teacher of Secured Transactions should strongly consider trying this text.