Wendy Davis


This Comment will suggest that although the structure of Washington's WorkFirst Act could help victims become self-sufficient, the current implementation of the Act does not adequately address the particular needs of victims. As a result, a victim's chances of achieving financial independence from either the state or her abuser are minimal. Part II of this Comment will give a brief summary of the federal guidelines under which Washington's WorkFirst Act was developed. Part III will outline the requirements of the WorkFirst Act, and in particular, the Act's provisions that address or affect domestic violence victims. Included in this section will be a discussion of the steps being taken to implement the WorkFirst Act. Part IV will define domestic violence, discuss its particular effects on women, and describe the connection between domestic violence and welfare. Part V will discuss how Washington's implementation of the WorkFirst Act negatively affects victims of domestic violence. Finally, Part VI will discuss measures Washington should adopt to mitigate the negative impact that certain requirements have on victims.