On August 19, 1994, the sponsorship of this Law School was transferred from the University of Puget Sound to a new parent institution, Seattle University, and the school became the Seattle University School of Law. It is now our great pleasure to welcome all past subscribers and supporters to the first issue of the Seattle University Law Review. Seattle University brings to the Law School the tradition of excellence of the Jesuit-sponsored universities and their law schools throughout the nation. From Fordham and Georgetown to Santa Clara and the Loyolas, these law schools have attained uniform reputations of quality and national prominence. Under its new sponsorship, the Seattle University School of Law will maintain the fine teaching and scholarly faculty, and the model clinical and legal writing programs that have brought it accolades in the past. The new partnership with Seattle University provides institutional support and opportunities for our law programs to flourish and to mesh with the other interdisciplinary activities and graduate programs of Seattle University. This merger of a thriving law school with an established and respected full service university is unprecedented, and is full of promise for both institutions. The Law Review will maintain its fine tradition of offering a balance of Symposia Issues, Articles, Notes and Comments that are timely and relevant for readers in both the northwest and the national legal community. We shall appreciate your continued support of the Seattle University Law Review and we promise you a publication that will be of continued and expanded service.

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