Kari Hanson


This Comment argues that if RU-486 were approved as a postcoital contraceptive rather than as an abortifacient, the drug would be of greater overall benefit to women seeking to control their fertility. To support the argument that RU-486 should be approved as a postcoital contraceptive, Part II of this Comment examines the background and development of the drug, the controversy it has engendered, and the drug's recently discovered contraceptive potential. Part III provides a short look at the process by which the FDA approves new drugs and discusses how RU-486 would likely progress through this process. Part IV begins by examining the current postcoital contraceptive regimen, the morning-after pill, and discusses the obstacles associated with the use and the availability of this method. Part IV then discusses the legal, medical, and policy reasons for approving RU-486 as a postcoital contraceptive.