Join the Law Review

The Seattle University Law Review provides valuable educational experiences to its members. The journal's writing and editing assignments give student members opportunities to improve their writing skills and research techniques. Law Review work also strengthens a student's ability to analyze problems in unfamiliar areas of the law. Finally, the self-discipline and analytical proficiency needed to succeed while on the Law Review proves invaluable to students after leaving law school.

Students are invited to join the Law Review at the end of their first year of law school. Students may receive invitations to become members of the Law Review based on either their academic class rank after the first year of school or through their successful participation in a writing competition. The writing competition begins in late spring and ends in early summer. In the writing competition, students submit their responses to the competition problem developed each year by the Law Review. Any student who has successfully completed the first year of law school may enter the writing competition. No law student who has completed more than his or her first year of law school shall be eligible to enter the writing competition.

The Law Review also welcomes both joint-degree students and transfer students in their membership. Joint-degree students may join either on the basis of their grades immediately after completing the first year of law school or by participating in the writing competition. Joint-degree students may participate in the writing competition either immediately following the completion of their first year of the joint-degree program or following their second year of the joint-degree program, provided that no upper-level law-school courses were taken during their second year. Transfer students are only eligible to join the Law Review by participating in the writing competition and only if they have not yet taken any upper-level courses.

Invitations to join the Law Review are extended to students at the end of summer, before the start of the fall semester. Students invited to join the Law Review must give a full two-year commitment to the journal.

For more information about joining the Law Review, please contact the Managing Editor.