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The print edition of Volume 44, Issue 4 is not available, yet. Please check back here for more updates as we move forward. Thank you.

The Seattle University Law Review is the founding law journal of Seattle University School of Law. The Law Review is a student-run organization dedicated to publishing high quality legal scholarship on all topics. We publish four times a year and regularly post features on our online companion journal SUpra.

Current Issue: Volume 44, Issue 4 (2021)

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Editor in Chief

Hannah Hamley

Managing Editor

Zachary Pangares

Executive Editors

Julia Knitter (Lead Articles)
Raymond Cleaveland (Notes & Comments)
Hannah Lasting (Editor At Large)
Monica L. Keo (Business & Marketing Editor)
McKenzi Hoover (Research & Training Editor)

Symposium Chair

Michael A. Rogers

SUpra Content Editor

Alejandro Monarrez

Lead Article Editors

F. Chase Bonwell
Taylor Haines
Sabrina Marquez
Angie Weiss

Note & Comment Editors

Laurel Brown
Kate Camarata
Chelsea Rauch

Research & Technical Editors

Ryan Bisel
Katherine Culbertson
Jo Meyer
Connor McKittrick
Amanda Riggio
Mac Thomsen
Katherine Wecker

Associate Editors

Natalie Crane
Mimi Ellentuck
Mychal Goode
Thea Jennings
Jeremy Oddo
Eric Vincente-Flores


Victoria Anderson
Kimmie Bacon
Jennifer Barrett
Jovan Beattie
Denise Chen
Devin Epp
Matthew Fiedler
Christopher Fucile
Alissa Harris
Evan Heaney
Peyton Jacobsen
Kristina M. Krass
Andrew Lindsay
Justin Lo
Nicole Lundholm
Caitlyn Mathews
Jessie McMillan
Gustav Meyners
Roxanneh Mousavi
Tara Nielson
Devon Raymond Nikfard
Tiffany Nomakchteinsky
Julissa Rachor
Matthew Reinikka
Jasmin Rezaie-Tirabadi
Isabell Rocha
Jaclyn T. Sakamoto
Mia Stigler
Mark Tamondong
Amanda Tucker
Ruby Virk
Rayshaun D. Williams