Thank you for joining us at our annual symposium!

We appreciated learning from over twenty panelists and discussing important issues related to workers' rights in the wake of the global pandemic. Thank you to all of the panelists, moderators, our keynote, Rebecca Dixon, and Jamie Wilson and Hua Shi for planning the event.

We are also thrilled to announce our new Editorial Board for Volume 20!


Carsen Nies

Managing Editor

William B. Heberling


Sarah Schweitzer

Executive Editors

Wyatt Fisher

Miki Saito

Content Development Editors

Michael Greene

Briana Nolasco

Executive Training Editor

Ellen Evans

Marketing, Business & Events Editor

Mynor Lopez

Research & Technical Editors

Margaret Hannon

Ericka Kendall

Jordan Kostelyk

Lauren Romero

Article Editors

Ashley Beeman

Vanessa Brimhall

Lia Maria Fulgaro

Kelsie McKee

Senior Staff Editors

Alexandra Lynch

Syed Ash Meer

Thomas Sletten

Sam Sueoka

Kaelyn Tomkins

Current Issue: Volume 19, Issue 3



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Quinn Burrell


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Quinn Burrell