READ // Rock 'n' Roll Mole


READ // Rock 'n' Roll Mole

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Rock ‘N’ Roll Mole
By Carolyn Crimi; pictures by Lynn Munsinger
New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, c2011
PZ7.C86928 Roc 2011


From Seattle University’s mascot Rudy the Redhawk:

As a mascot, I definitely understand Mole’s dilemma. It’s never easy stepping out in front of a crowd to perform, even if there is an entire team behind you! When I became the Seattle University mascot in 2000, I was nervous. The university had had a long tradition of excellence in sports before me, and I wasn’t sure I could live up to the hype. But sometimes that first step is the hardest, and I quickly found the support and friendship I needed to represent SU and help cheer our teams to victory.

I chose Rock ‘N’ Roll Mole because not only is it a message I can relate to, but I think it’s an important lesson to us all: if we don’t take chances and step out of our shells, we’ll never experience all the fun and excitement that life has the offer! The book also shows how Mole put his friendship with Pig before his own fears, and really stepped up to bat when Pig needed him most. We can accomplish so much if we just remember to express ourselves and that friends are there to support us as we support them.

From the Publisher:
Mole has a rock ‘n’ roll soul. He wears a leather jacket (even in summer) and shades (even at night), and he can strut just like his idol, Mick Badger. But then Mole’s friend Pig plans a talent show and, to everyone’s shock, Mole refuses to play. He’s a rock star, see – just as long as no one’s watching. The night of the big show, Pig is ready for his sizzling dance number, but wait – his iPod’s broken! Can Mole step up and save his friend’s rep, or will the bright lights and big crowds make him shake in his shades?

About the Author:
Award winning children’s author Carolyn Crimi writes with humor and wisdom. On her blog the author considers Mole’s bravery and reflects with personal empathy: “Now I am not shy, but I often get stage fright. What I’ve learned over the years is that stage fright is inevitable. I’m nervous before every speaking gig, but I just feel the fear and do it anyway, like poor Mole.”

Illustrator Lynn Munsinger has beautifully illustrated over 90 children’s books.

READ // Rock 'n' Roll Mole

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