READ // The Travels of Babar


READ // The Travels of Babar

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The Travels of Babar
By Jean de Brunhoff ; translated from the French by Merle S. Haas
New York, NY : Random House, c2002
PZ7.B78 2002


From Professor Christian Halliburton:

This has always been one of my favorite books, from the time it was first read to me to the last time I reread it. The magical aspect of this book, for me, is a reflection of the fact that it provided my first moment of conscious learning. As I sat and listened to my parents reading the Travels of Babar, I was aware of the connections to be made between sounds and text, or between human feeling and literary form. It was that first feeling of intellectual awareness that has driven me ever since, and which taught me that fundamental change can come from simple sources.

From the Publisher:
When their balloon is caught in a violent storm, Babar and Celeste embark on an exciting adventure that takes them to distant lands. They arrive home at last, only to discover that the elephants are at war. This is vintage de Brunhoff—a must for Babar fans and a story sure to charm and engage young readers.

About the Author:
Often considered the father of the modern picture book, Jean de Brunhoff (1899-1937) is best known as the creator of Babar the elephant, one of the most beloved characters in twentieth-century juvenile literature. Lauded as an artist and writer of exceptional talent, Brunhoff is praised for creating classic works that have been popular with children and adults around the world.

READ // The Travels of Babar

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