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On October 29, 2004, the American Society for Legal History (ASLH) held a panel at its annual scholarly conference in Austin, Texas, entitled “Herbert Johnson and the Writing of American Constitutional History." The Herbert Johnson of that title is Herbert Alan Johnson, for twenty-five years a Professor of Law and History at the University of South Carolina and, since 2002, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Law. That ASLH panel and the papers that flowed from it are the inspiration for—and in large part, the substance of—the Symposium that follows. To write a tribute to the life's work of a living individual is to court trouble on many fronts. Four leading legal historians threw caution to the wind and contributed papers to the Austin pane and this symposium. In addition to those papers, this symposium includes an essay by one of Herb's longtime South Carolina colleagues and a reply paper by Herb himself, responding to and commenting on the tribute papers.