Kent Milunovich

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In recent years law library Web sites have become an increasing presence on the Internet. In a recent Law Library Journal article, Marie Stefanini Newman discussed criteria to use in evaluating law-oriented Internet sites. This article will expand upon some of the principles she addressed by exploring the design and maintenance of law library Web sites. Given that most law libraries now have at least a basic Web site, this article will not discuss HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and methods of using such Web-design tools as Microsoft FrontPage; such information changes over time. Instead the primary focus will be on specific, practical suggestions for designing and maintaining an effective law library Web site. To this end, the author will consider various general library Web site design principles and place them in the context of law library Web sites. The author also reviews a number of elements that typically are incorporated in such sites. Appendixes A and B list resources and include tables that further explain the principles discussed in the article.