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Dean Niles describes his observation and impression of the first ten years of Clarence Thomas’ judgeship. While Dean Niles admits that his own views are more liberal than Clarence Thomas’, he was not initially concerned about those differences. But as the days, weeks and years passed, notwithstanding Dean Niles’ early stoicism, serious concerns about the candidate, and later the Justice, began to arise. These concerns were not based on Justice Thomas' beliefs or ideology, but on a growing set of inconsistencies that began to arise between some of his beliefs and actions. With all due respect to a man who was highly accomplished even before he became a Supreme Court Justice and who has received constant and seemingly heartfelt support from many of his colleagues, Dean Niles still had serious concerns about these inconsistencies. It is these issues that have dominated his perception of the first ten years of Justice Thomas' tenure on the Court and that he briefly addresses.