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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the publication of Gary Bellow's and Bea Moulton's The Lawyering Process, this essay consists of eleven letters and postcards about how The Lawyering Process inspired the writing of the authors’ books - Pretrial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis & Strategy and Trial Advocacy: Planning, Analysis & Strategy. Alas, this correspondence is imaginary because that exchange of ideas did not take place. This method was inspired by the medieval letters of Abelard and Heloise and the modern-day fictional postcards and letters of Griffin and Sabine. Tracing the evolution of their thoughts from first reading the Bellow and Moulton text, the authors describe the specific ways in which The Lawyering Process stimulated the writing of their own books. These include both the organizational structure of the authors’ books and their emphasis on narrative. As they journey in this new, high-tech millennium, the authors hope that the familiar genre of letters and postcards provides both an entertaining, voyeuristic voyage into their minds and hearts as writers, and a fitting tribute to the bold, creative enterprise that was The Lawyering Process.