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The Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality at Seattle University School of Law takes its name and inspiration from Fred Korematsu. Entrusted with honoring and furthering his legacy, the Korematsu Center, although not speaking as or for him, constructs its identity through its activities as an actor in the legal community and more broadly in the public. The Korematsu Center is very self-consciously engaged in developing a distinct personality as a collective entity that exists not just as a collection of the individuals or projects within the center.

The Korematsu Center is constituted by its commitments, by what it says and does, and by the relationships it develops with individuals, institutions, and organizations. Two major initiatives are discussed, our Civil Rights Amicus Project and our efforts to address racial disproportionality in Washington State’s criminal justice system. Both of these efforts show how our integrated approach that combines research, advocacy, and education can provide a model for how a center located within a law school can help to achieve durable social change.

We offer guideposts that may guide others in developing their research, advocacy, and education efforts. Through this work, we seek to accomplish our vision of social change that is inspired by Fred Korematsu. We offer it as a model that others might follow.