A young Apache woman sits on a bench outside of her university classroom; next to her is a stack of law books. She has just come from the first day of her first-year property class, where the professor lectured about the origins of property law devoid of any mention of Native people. As she sits she notices an individual walking along the sidewalk, towards her. This person wears a baseball hat with the Washington Redskins’ logo embellished on the front, a grotesque caricature of an “Indian.” The person’s attire includes a T-shirt featuring a skull wearing a feathered headdress, probably merchandise from Kanye West’s Yeezus tour. The human carries a lacrosse stick loosely over one shoulder, clutching a bag of popcorn in the other. As the person gets closer, the woman hears the individual loudly burst a bubblegum bubble. As the individual passes by the bench, they make no eye contact, not seeing the actual Indian in the proverbial room.



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