The AILJ 2017-2018


Derek “Red Arrow” Frank

Managing Editor
Britany Kee’ ya aa. Lindley

Development Editor
Lois Boome

Executive Editor
Connor Smith

Content Editor
Tracey Cook-Lee

Technical Editor
Jeanna McLellan

Article Editors
Chanel Krueger
Ryan Lynch
Gus Voss

Editor Emeritus
Brenda L. George

Associate Editors

Lead Associate Editor
Mae Oberste

Associate Editors
Brittney Adams
Ian Booth
Grace Carlson
David Edwards
Peyton Healy
Hyun-mi Kim
Allison “Allee” Lee
Brent Mulvaney
Dallas Whiteley

Faculty Advisors

John B. Kirkwood
Professor of Law

Kelly Kunsch
Reference Librarian

Gregory M. Silverman
Associate Professor of Law
Center for Indian Law & Policy Director