The crude mistreatment of the tribes across America has continued to undermine Indigenous wealth and empowerment, leaving many Native people without proper housing, education, running water, healthcare, and telecommunications services. Tribes are forced to advocate for themselves to the federal government, instead of receiving support and compensation for generations of colossal exploitation.The federal government continues to breach their responsibility in protecting tribal treaty rights and must assume responsibility in closing an economic divide that has only worsened due to the pandemic.

Indigenous communities continue to endure disadvantaged living conditions, leaving their people without adequate resources. In addition, this vulnerable demographic has a high likelihood of COVID-19 contraction rates and deaths.With the occurrence of COVID-19 and the subsequent isolation from each other’s communities, the significance of internet access has been heightened. In order to stay connected to participate in school, work, and our everyday lives internet access proves to be a large issue in Indian Country. About half of Native American households can access high-speed Internet service on tribal lands compared to the eighty percent of United States households.

Closing the digital divide in Indigenous communities has many layers and history to the issue and has only become harder to fix. This article will explore (1) how the infrastructure of Indian Country has restricted broadband access for communities, (2) the rapid deceleration of community health and resources in Indian Country from COVID-19, and (3) the numerous unsuccessful government attempts to assist in broadband access.



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