Current Issue: Volume 40, Number 2 (2017) Berle VIII: Benefit Corporations and the Firm Commitment Universe

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Seattle University Law Review



Berle VIII: Benefit Corporations and the Firm Commitment Universe
Bart Houlahan, Andrew Kassoy, and Jay Coen Gilbert


A Conversation with B Lab
Larry Hamermesh, Bart Houlahan, Rick Alexander, and Dan Osusky


The Rights and Wrongs of Shareholder Rights
Will Hutton, Colin Mayer, and Philippe Schneider


Repricing Limited Liability and Separate Entity Status
William H. Clark Jr. and D. Alicia Hickok


In Pursuit of Good & Gold: Data Observations of Employee Ownership & Impact Investment
Christopher Geczy, Jessica S. Jeffers, David K. Musto, and Anne M. Tucker


Financing the Benefit Corporation
Dana Brakman Reiser and Steven A. Dean




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