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Courts Igniting Change Conference

Reconnecting Youth from the Courtroom to the Classroom

  October 10, 2014

  8:30am – 4:30pm

  Seattle University School of Law

Conference Theme: Much national and local attention has been given to what has been coined the “School to Prison Pipeline.” Fueling concern are the disparities that youth of color, youth in poverty, and youth with disabilities experience in school disciple practices, and the poor educational and life outcomes associated with it. Many efforts are underway to improve school climate, reduce zero tolerance practices, retool the role of law enforcement in school, and transform school discipline codes.

The focus of this conference is on the courts’ role in this phenomenon. In our current system, school based misbehavior routinely ends up in juvenile courts. While the goal is to get the student back on track and in school, court involvement has the effect of exacerbating the disconnection and disengagement of a student who ends up in court. Spending time in and out of detention and needing to appear for multiple court dates create challenges for attendance, continuity, and staying on track academically.

Courts can play an important role in redirecting and reconnecting court involved youth to education and social supports in their communities. But they cannot do it alone. This conference provides an opportunity for all of the stakeholders to explore and develop collaborative solutions to improve educational outcomes for youth involved in or at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system.

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2015 NACOLE Academic Symposium

Feb. 20th A Faceless Movement: Searching for a System that Promotes Empowerment Among All Survivors of Gender Violence